Praekelt Patterns!

Naming things is hard, naming things consistently is even harder. The goal of this patterns repository is to help all stake holders in a project to know and understand what we call the individual parts that together make up the things we build.

Patterns described in this repository should:

  1. Have a short name.
  2. Have a paragraph (with or without illustration) describing the pattern. The paragraph should be suitable for non-technical people to understand and re-use when describing possible solutions to client problems.
  3. A link to a sample implementation of the pattern. The sample implementation should have tests and be ready for a developer to look at understand and apply.


You are free to contribute to this repository, it is automatically published from changes made in the the GitHub patterns repository. The full backlog of things that may possibly need to be described is listed in the Patterns Backlog. Feel free to grab any of those and start work on it. Remember to remove it from the backlog when finished.

Mobi & Web Patterns

These are a collection of patterns that mostly apply to Mobi & Web sites we develop.

Messaging & USSD Patterns

These are a collection of patterns that apply to applications designed for messaging. The code examples mostly all apply for Vumi.

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